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Oleg Lapidus
Born in Almaty - the capital city of the Soviet Kazakhstan
(close to the birth place of the notorious Borat) in 1970, Oleg Lapidus started to play piano at the age of 9 and later decided to learn clarinet. He was accepted to Almaty Musical College (classical clarinet) and upon graduation - to Almaty State Pedagogical University (classical piano, vocal, conducting and teaching) and Almaty State Conservatoire (classical clarinet). After successfully graduating both of them with Masters Degree in Music he immigrated to Israel.

In Israel Oleg studied Jazz in Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music (Jazz Piano – Nahum Perferkovich and Jazz Sax – Boris Gammer).  He played with different Dixieland, Jazz and Jewish wedding bands and he taught clarinet and piano at Jerusalem School of Music.

Mr Lapidus had numerous appearances on TV in programme “7:40” as a musician, singer and an actor. He was also published in Israeli Russian-speaking press. His novel “London Diary of a Street Musician” was a big success.

After 8 years in Israel, Oleg immigrated back to Russia and lived in Moscow for 3 years, periodically returning to London.  He worked on the Russian TV channel TNT as a writer, director and editor for the talk show “Okna” (“Windows”).

In 2006-08 Oleg took part in Klezmer and Jazz festivals in Moscow (Dona-Fest, Yiddish-Fest), Klezfest in St. Petersburg and Klezfest in London, Covent Garden Jazz Festival.  He became a student and follower of such Klezmer luminaries as David Krakauer, Merlin Shepherd, Frank London and Michael Alpert.

Now he lives in London and teaches piano, clarinet, flute and sax in a Music academy: Musica Nova Anglo-Russian Academy . He has been playing in several venues such Gypsy Jazz in Quequmbar, in Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club with Lucinda Belle Orchestra, Greek music with Greek function band ZOI, Jewish music with Jewish function band Kedma, Klezmer with Klezmozarts band, and solo with his backing tracks in clubs, hotels, live music bars and restaurants across England, including London VIZO center, London Bushey Synagogye etc.

Oleg also is a director and a teacher at his own private music school London Music Lessons. Oleg plays concerts at various Jewish community centres and retirement homes across the UK, where his performances are greatly appreciated. Mr Lapidus is also an active supporter of charity Cancer Research UK. He speaks English, Hebrew and Russian.

Oleg participated in Britain's Got Talent 2012 auditions:

Oleg featured in BBC documentary "Klezmer!":

Oleg participated in Ukraine's Got Talent 2015:

Oleg in Semifinals of Ukraine's Got Talent 2015: Copyright © 2022 Oleg Lapidus. Text, camera by Eugenie Absalom. All Rights Reserved.