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Brainin Method
Development of Musical Thinking - Brainin Teaching Method

More info:

Valeri Brainin. Introduction to a video presentation at the 21th World Conference of the ISME in Tampa, Florida, USA, 1994

Valeri Brainin. Dissection of a musical text as essential to understanding the language of music. Conference Proceedings of the 23rd World Conference of the ISME, Pretoria, South Africa, 1998

Valeri Brainin. "Development of Musical Thinking" as an alternative discipline in the education curriculum. Proceedings of the 8th International Scientific and Practical Conference "Music Pedagogical Education between the 20th and 21st Centuries", Moscow 2004

Development of Musical Thinking Group Lessons

with Oleg Lapidus, London

Tuition in English and Russian

Oleg offers special all-in-one courses from early childhood to professional music education. Namely, children (4 years of age and up) and students develop absolute pitch, quick long-term music memory, deep understanding and appreciation of classical music, and the skills needed for easy, enjoyable music composition.

Any further or concurrent study of a musical instrument is made substantially easier and a lot more fun by the fundamental, rudimentary, as well as expert skills developed in these courses.

Oleg uses the patented Brainin Teaching Method, which has been presented at numerous international music education conferences as well as seminars and master-courses in Amsterdam (Holland), Vienna and Salzburg (Austria), Florence (Italy), Moscow and St. Petersburg (Russia), Pretoria and Stellenbosch (South Africa), Winchester (England), Tampa and Boston (USA), and Hannover (Germany).

Oleg graduated from Brainin Teacher training courses and has been an active participant of numerous Brainin seminars, leaded by V.Brainin himself.

Oleg has been teaching Braining method individually and in groups for many ears in Russian London Music Academy, Gymnasium N1 and in his own Wonderland Creative Studio.

There is no age limit and all levels are welcome!

● Lessons in groups of 5-10 students
● One to one personal tuition available
● Vocal training is included
● Development of predictive music perception
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